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The weekly trivia quiz that I have been sending out across the world were free for all to download, however this is going to stop after the last ones are posted. (this may just be a temporary thing glitch)
I’m sorry if this inconveniences anyone but hey, you’ve been getting them for nothing.
However I am looking to see if there is a way I can still carry on sending them to anyone who still wants them and is prepared to pay £1 per quiz per week.
Please contact me if this is suitable to you ?
Thanks and good luck in the future
Mike Prince (DJ and sex god)

Trivia Quiz Week 44 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 44 2015

1. From which city did the Beatles originate ? (LIVERPOOL)

2. Which word connects a famous furniture maker with a group of male strippers ?
3. Which Canadian city’s name means ‘Royal Mount’ in French ? (MONTREAL)

4. Olsson was the surname of which character in Grease ? (SANDY)

5. When they had their first hit, how many Spice Girls were there ? (5)

6. What UK hospital was previously called ‘the hospital for sick children’ ?
7. Created just after WW2, which manufacturer claimed their brand of toys were indestructible ?
(TONKA) 1946.
8. What 8-letter French word means to damage, destroy, or hinder something ? (SABOTAGE)
9. For how many weeks is a bitch usually pregnant for ? (9)

10. What position in netball wears just one letter on their bib ? (CENTRE) C.

11. How many creatures of the Chinese zodiac symbols are not real animals ? (1) dragon.

12. What instrument is used to measure radioactivity ? (GEIGER COUNTER)

13. How many moveable objects are deployed on a board in a standard game of draughts (US
checkers) ? (24) 12 on each side.
14. Which player was the first to score a maximum 147 in the World Snooker Championship ?
(CLIFF THORBURN) 1983. [Steve Davis did it at the Lada Classic in 1982….and won a Lada car]
15. Which 90s UK No 1 single has 5 consonants & only 1 vowel in its title, the first 3 consonants
being the same ? (MMMBOP) Hanson.
16. In which decade did Roger Bannister break the 4-minute mile ? (50s) 1954.

17. What brewery uses the symbol of the Yorkshire rose as its company logo ? (SAMUEL SMITH)

18. ‘As I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death, I Look At My life And Realise There’s
Nothing Left ’… the opening line of which song ? (GANGSTA’S PARADISE) Coolio.
19. Who is the new president of the International Association of Athletics Federations [IAAF] ?
20. What 9-letter word can be the name of a juke box or an electric organ ? (WURLITZER)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. In the film ‘Super-Size Me’, how long does Morgan Spurlock exclusively eat McDonalds for ?, is it
1 week, 1 month or 1 year ? (1 MONTH)
2. Austen is the capital city of Texas USA, true or false ? (TRUE)

3. What is the fruit ingredient of triple sec ?, is it apricot, cherry, orange or all 3 ? (ORANGE)

4. There is a town in New Mexico USA with an unusual name, is it (A)-Dead or Alive, (B)-Truth or
Consequences or (C)- Money & Boots ? (B-TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES)
5. In which decade was the Disney film ‘The Little Mermaid’ first released ?, was it 80s or 90s ?
(80s) 1989.
6. In which US TV drama series did Brad Pitt first appear ?, was it Dallas or Dynasty ? (DALLAS)

7. The greyhound can accelerate faster than a cheetah in short distances, true or false ? (FALSE)

8. Which city is further south ?, New York in the USA or Rome in Italy ? (NEW YORK)

9. Orvieto is a wine produced in Italy, true or false ? (TRUE)

10. In the TV show The Waltons, how many kids did John & Olivia Walton have ? (8)
[John-Boy, Jason, Mary-Ellen, Erin, Ben, twins Jim-Bob & Joseph, Elizabeth]
[Jim-Bob’s twin, Joseph died at birth.]

Tie-Break:- In millions, how many tourists visited France in 2012 ? (83 MILLION)

Trivia Quiz Week 43 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 43 2015

1. Which electronics company produces the Nintendo Wii ? (NINTENDO)

2. How much are the drinks at Wham’s Club Tropicana ? (FREE)

3. What slang word for a bet was also the currency of the Republic of Ireland before the Euro ?
4. Which Teletubby has a triangular antenna on its head ? (TINKY WINKY)

5. How many degrees are there in two and a half right angles ? (225)
[90 degrees in one right angle]
6. The Sargasso sea is part of which ocean ? (ATLANTIC)

7. Jade, Chloe & Sasha are parts of a set of which doll collection ? (BRATZ)

8. What letter is added to the word gateau when there is more than one ? (X) gateaux.

9. Who was Britain’s first Prime Minister ? (ROBERT WALPOLE)

10. To advertise their product what brand once used the line “eight out of ten owners who expressed
a preference said their cat prefers it” ? (WHISKERS)
11. How many girls were in the backing band of Robert Palmer’s 1985 video ‘Addicted To Love’ ? (5)
[1 drummer, 1 keyboard player, 2 guitars, 1 bass]
12. Which communications tycoon became the owner of the Times newspaper in 1981 ?
13. Ian Broudie is the lead singer of which Liverpool-based band from the 90s ?
14. In Eastenders, what was the name of the restaurant run by the Di Marco family ?
15. The logo of which alcoholic beverage displays a crucifix above a stags head ?
16. Which country shares borders with Germany, Poland, Slovakia & Austria ? (CZECH REPUBLIC)

17. Which European city would you visit if you wanted to see the famous Sagrada Familia church ?
Sport (BARCELONA) Spain.
18. Which (male) tennis player was the 2012 US Open Champion, the reigning Olympic Singles
Champion and is currently ranked No2 in the world ? (ANDY MURRAY)
19. Premiership footballer Alexis Sanchez hails from which country ? (CHILE) Arsenal.

20. Which Englishman has managed 21 different teams including Blackburn Rovers and Inter Milan in
the 90s and Liverpool in the 2010s ? (ROY HODGSON)
[Liverpool 2010-11, Blackburn 97-98, Inter 95-97]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 5 questions.
1. What is the most common name for a Pope ?, is it John, Paul or Pius ? (JOHN) 21. [Pius-12]

2. The saltwater crocodile is the world’s largest lizard, true or false ? (FALSE)
[crocs are not lizards, the largest lizard is the Komodo dragon]
3. In 1996, the Spice Girls said their ‘girl power’ role model was who ?, was it Hilary Clinton, Suzi
Quatro or Margaret Thatcher ? (MARGARET THATCHER)
4. Greater Manchester police receive around 1,200 emergency 999 calls how often ? is it every hour,
every day or every week ? (EVERY DAY) that’s one every minute.
5. As icebergs break away from polar ice glaciers, they are said to be doing what ?, calving, lambing
or shedding ? (CALVING)
6. The panel show, 8 out of 10 Cats was first shown on TV in the 90s, true or false ? (FALSE) 2005.

7. What is the least amount of players on a netball team to enable a game to go ahead ?, is it…..
5, 6 or 7 ? (5) is the least amount.
8. The German national football team’s away strip is green, in respect that the Irish were the only
country that would play them just after WW2, true or false ? (FALSE)
9. According to Gray’s Anatomy (the book not the TV show), how many bones make up the human
skull ?, is it 10, 16 or 22 ? (22)
10. Fitzwilliam is the surname of Mr Darcy in the Bronte novel Pride & Prejudice, true or false ?
(FALSE) it was Jane Austin, not Bronte.

Tie-Break:- According to the McDonald’s website, how many calories are in a Big Mac ? (508)

Trivia Quiz Week 42 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 42 2015

1. Man Utd & England International footballer Jessie Lingard hails from which country ? (ENGLAND)

2. Which ex-footballer is the father to one of Katie Price’s kids ? (DWIGHT YORKE)

3. What was the 02 Arena known as before 2007 ? (MILLENNIUM DOME)

4. What small word precedes Bill, Bob, timer & peculiar ? (OLD)
[Old Bob & Old Peculiar are names of beers]
5. Which musical includes the songs ‘Wouldn’t It Be Luverly’ & ‘Get Me To The Church On Time’ ?
6. What 6-letter word can be the name of a US fighter plane and also a name that describes a type
of bird or dinosaur ? (RAPTOR)
7. Iraq was at war with which country between 1980-1988 ? (IRAN)

8. The central nervous system connects the spinal column to which organ ? (BRAIN)

9. Sounding arguably like what an angler likes doing, what 7-letter word describes the process of
splitting atoms ? (FISSION)
10. What 10-letter word is used for a vertical iron gate on a castle ? (PORTCULLIS)

11. Which character did Jessie Eisenberg portray in the 2010 film ‘The Social Network’ ?
12. Who replaced Stevie Marriott as lead singer of the then called Small Faces ? (ROD STEWART)
[Sharon Osbourne’s dad, Don Arden was their manager]
13. What name is given to the Sun’s atmosphere as a fiery ring during a total eclipse ? (CORONA)

14. Which Lady Gaga song shares its name with a game for the Nintendo Wii ? (JUST DANCE)

15. In Norse mythology, what name is used for the place where dead brave soldiers go ?
16. Which country would you hit if you travelled directly north from Tenerife ? (ICELAND)

17. What 6-letter German word is used in English for broken, wasted or exhausted ? (KAPUTT)

18. Laputa is the floating island in which classic children’s book ? (GULLIVER’S TRAVELS)

19. What is the southernmost city on mainland Great Britain ? (TRURO) Cornwall.

20. What colour duffle coat did Paddington Bear wear ? (BLUE)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. What animal is the symbol of the US democratic party ?, is it the donkey or the elephant ?
(DONKEY) elephant is the Republicans.
2. Which Rolling Stone recently published his diaries in book form ?, was it Charlie Watts, Mick
Jagger or Ronnie Wood ? (RONNIE WOOD)
3. The first couple seen in bed together on TV was Fred & Wilma Flintstone, true or false ? (FALSE)
[Mary Kay & Johnny was the first TV series to portray a married couple who slept in the same bed. November 1947]
4. In which European country were banknotes first issued ?, was it England, Germany or Sweden ?
(SWEDEN) 1657.
5. Santander is a city situated on the north coast of Spain. Located east of Gijon and west of Bilbao,
true or false ? (TRUE)
6. In what decade were cigarette ads banned on UK TV ?, was it the 60s, 70s or 80s ? (60s)
[All TV commercials for cigarettes were banned on 1st August 1965]
7. Excluding heliports & closed airports, there are 15 airports in Wales & Anglesey , true or false ?
(TRUE) Cardiff Airport is the only international airport.
8. In which decade was the NME music mag first published ?, was it the 40s, 50s or 60s ? (50s) 52.

9. The Russian parliament building in Moscow is called ‘the White House’, true or false ? (TRUE)
[The Russian White House; Officially: The House of the Government of the Russian Federation]
10. Who, according to long-time BBC radio DJ Brian Matthew is considered to be classed as ‘the
father of soul’ ?, is it James Brown, Otis Redding or Ray Charles ? (RAY CHARLES)
[James Brown was known as the ‘godfather of soul’]

Tie-Break:- In pounds (£s), Stonehenge was sold at auction in 1915, for how much ?

Trivia Quiz Week 41 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 41 2015

1. In Star Wars, who co-pilots the Millennium Falcon ? (CHEWBACCA)

2. Singers Frankie Bridge & Vanessa White are members of which girl group ? (SATURDAYS)

3. Which musical features the song ‘Do-Re-Mi’ ? (SOUND OF MUSIC)

4. India is the setting for which 1967 Disney film ? (THE JUNGLE BOOK)

5. Which BBC drama follows the lives of staff & students at a fictional Rochdale school, which later
relocates to Scotland ? (WATERLOO ROAD)
6. In what decade did Rod Hull, Dusty Springfield & John F Kennedy Jr die ? (1990s) 1999.

7. Who is the Greek goddess of love ? (APHRODITE)

8. What term derived from the French for ‘on equal terms’ is a popular domestic job ? (AU PAIR)

9. Helena Bonham-Carter, Meatloaf & Brad Pitt appeared in which 1999 film ? (FIGHT CLUB)

10. What stretch of water separates the Isle of Wight from the English mainland ? (SOLENT)

11. What 8-letter word is used for someone who studies plants ? (BOTANIST)

12. In what series of films did the Flux Capacitor make it possible to travel back & forth in time ?
13. Which party leader is to become new the vice-president of the CND ? (JEREMY CORBYN)
[Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament]
14. Which zodiac sign would score the least number of points in a standard game of Scrabble ?
15. On TV, what were the first names of the 2 main characters that used to drink in a pub called the
Winchester ? (ARTHUR (Daley) & TERRY (McCann)) Minder.
16. What 8-letter word can be used instead of tepid ? (LUKEWARM)

17. There have traditionally been 3 politicians residential houses in Downing St, numbers 10, 11 & 12,
a fourth was added in 2001……what number is it ? (9) the Chief Whip. [12 is the cabinet office]
18. In mythology, what were the names of the twins that were the founders of Rome ?
19. By population, what is Australia’s 3rd largest city ? (BRISBANE)
[1-Sydney, 2-Melbourne, 4-Perth, 5-Adalaide]
20. In the RAF, which rank is immediately above wing commander ? (GROUP CAPTAIN)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Bacardi rum was first produced in Cuba over 150 yrs ago, true or false ? (TRUE) 1862.

2. What is the official language of Zambia ?, is it Dutch, English or French ? (ENGLISH)

3. Which former Prime Minister once famously said “you can count on the Americans to do the right
thing, after they’ve tried everything else”, was it Attlee, Churchill or Thatcher ? (CHURCHILL)
4. Steve Borden is the real name of which professional wrestler ?, is it Kane, Sting or the
Undertaker ? (STING)
5. In Greek mythology, the Gorgon named Medusa was killed by Perseus, true or false ? (TRUE)

6. What was the name of the first man-made satellite sent into space ?, was it Sputnik or Telstar ?
(SPUTNIK) 1957. [Telstar-1962]
7. In what year did new regulations come into force requiring all large shops & supermarkets in
England to hide cigarettes & tobacco products from public view ? was it 2012, 2013 or 2014 ? (2012)
8. Which Beatles film was originally going to be titled ‘8 Arms To Hold You’ ?, was it A Hard Days
Night, Help! or Yellow Submarine ? (HELP)
9. Austen powers actor Mike Myers was born in Scarborough, true or false ? (TRUE)
[Scarborough, Canada]
10. According to the Wimbledon official Website, caterers will go through 30,000 litres of milk,
but how many cows would it take to produce this amount in one day ?, 425 or 825 ? (825)


Tie-Break:- In 1878, the first telephone book consisted of how many names ? (50)

Trivia Quiz Week 40 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 40 2015

1. Which electronics company makes the Sony Playstation ? (SONY)

2. Which Disney film includes the song ‘Circle Of Life’ ? (LION KING)

3. According to superstition, what shoulder should you throw salt over to keep the devil away ?
4. Which term derived from Italian means to ‘dine outdoors’ ? (AL FRESCO)

5. What is the clinical name for your belly button or navel ? (UMBILICUS)

6. Jensen Button drives for which Formula 1 team ? (McLAREN)

7. Which pop singer changed part of their name from a symbol back to a letter ? (KESHA) Ke$ha.

8. What colour are the berets of the British Parachute Regiment ? (MAROON) red.

9. Prince Phillip, Queen Leah, Merryweather & Samson the Horse are all characters from which
Disney film ? (SLEEPING BEAUTY)
10. What is the name given to a tiny frog that has recently developed from a tadpole ? (FROGLET)

11. Which organ of the human body shares its name with an ingredient of a famous Spanish dish ?
(KIDNEY) chilli con carne.
12. The ‘Silence’ are sworn enemies of which sci-fi hero ? (DR WHO)

13. In American law, what 6-letter word is used for a serious crime ? (FELONY)

14. What term is used for when each person participating in a group activity pays for themselves,
rather than any person paying for anyone else ? (GOING DUTCH)
15. Originally brewed in India, the name of which beer shares its name with which venomous snake ?
16. Which current Radio 2 DJ started broadcasting in 1948 in Germany, and trained as an actor at
RADA before joining the BBC in 1954 ? (BRIAN MATTHEW)
17. Who was the 2014/15 Premierships top goalscorer with 26 goals ? (SERGIO AGUERO)
[Man City]
18. What small, simple musical instrument consisting of a hollow pipe with a hole in it, over which is a
thin covering that vibrates and adds a buzzing sound ? (KAZOO) membranophone.
19. According to Sir David Attenborough, which animal has the longest lifespan ?
20. What exactly does the acronym FIFA stand for ?

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. F1 cars must weigh a minimum of how many kilograms ?, is it 50, 150 or 500 ? (500)

2. According to the Times Higher Education world rankings 2015, what country is home to the
world’s top university ?, is it the UK or the USA ? (USA) Massachusetts. [see below]
3. What can travel fastest ?, a running cheetah, a flying pigeon or a swimming marlin ? (PIGEON)
[75mph] [90mph] [68mph]
4. Paul White is the real name of which professional wrestler ?, is it Big Show, Kane or Sting ?
5. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley was a No 1 in Papua New Guinea for almost 3 years, true or false ?
6. What is the name of the roaring lion at the start of the MGM films ?, was it Archie, Leo or Zeus ?
7. Ex-Top Gear presenters, Clarkson, Hammond & May’s new Amazon Prime car show will be called
‘Gear Nobs’, true or false ? (FALSE)
8. Which body of water separates Australia from Tasmania ?, is it the Bass Strait or the Tasman
Sea ? (BASS STRAIT) Tasman sea separates Oz and NZ.
9. Iggy Pop, James Corden & Jack White will all appear on Kylie Minogue’s upcoming Christmas album,
true or false ? (FALSE) not Jack White.
10. Which of these Britons won ice skating gold at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics ?, was it……
John Curry, Robin Cousins or Torville & Dean ? (ROBIN COUSINS) 1980.
[John Curry – Innsbruck 1976. Torville & Dean – Sarajevo 1984]

Tie-Break:- The first ever book of crosswords was published in what year ? (1924)

World’s top 3 universities….
1. Massachusetts (USA)
2. Harvard (USA)
3. Cambridge (UK)

Trivia Quiz Week 39 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 39 2015

1. What colour trousers do the Smurfs wear ? (WHITE)

2. In the Bible, how many of each kind of animal is Moses said to have taken onto the Ark ? (0)
[it was Noah, not Moses]
3. Which chocolate confectionary is advertised as ‘full of eastern promise’ ? (TURKISH DELIGHT)

4. What 4-letter word is used for the device that protects an electric circuit from becoming
overloaded ? (FUSE)
5. In cricket, how many runs are scored when the ball hits a helmet left on the ground by a fielder ?
6. Which great traveller connects the films the Life Of Brian & Around the World in 80 Days ?
7. Which 1970s Scottish band have announced a comeback Christmas tour & album after a 40 year
8. Which company uses an American song from the 1st World War in their adverts ? (GO COMPARE)
[‘Over There’ by George M. Cohan]
9. In geometry, what name is given to a shape with 4 sides of equal length & with 4 equal angles ?
10. What word connects a form of dance with an item for what the Americans call a faucet ?
11. In what popular BBC TV series does actor Larry Lamb play a character called Ted Case ?
12. In the Pentagon & the White House, the initials NSA are used for which organisation ?
13. What is the one-word title of the Beatles’ 1996 music collection ? (ANTHOLOGY)

14. In 2005, who became Arsenal’s top goal scorer ? (THIERRY HENRY)

15. Mark Sampson is the head coach of which national football team ? (ENGLAND LADIES)

16. Which holiday island got its independence from Great Britain in August 1960 ? (CYPRUS)

17. One of the most popular books of its type, ‘Windows for Dummies’ was first published in what
decade ? (2000s) 2001.
18. Which foodstuff has varieties called beef, cherry & plum ? (TOMATO)

19. What crystalline organic substance with local anaesthetic qualities is, in its natural form
extracted from peppermint oil ? (MENTHOL)
20. Which 1975 Broadway musical was set in Chicago ? (CHICAGO)

Killer Round
1. Dr Simon Campbell oversaw the development of which drug ?, was it the birth pill or Viagra ?
2. The pop group Hot Chocolate is the only English band that had a song in the charts in every
year of the 70s, true or false ? (TRUE)
3. Sun Records, that discovered Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison & Johnny Cash was originally based in
which Tennessee city ?, Memphis or Nashville ? (MEMPHIS) now in Nashville.
4. Up until 2003, the Archbishop of Manila in the Philippines was called ‘Cardinal Sin’, true or false ? (TRUE) Jaime Lachica Sin
5. ‘Viva Glam’ is a new range of cosmetics promoted by which singer ?, is it Christina Aguilera, Miley
Cyrus or Shakira ? (MILEY CYRUS)
6. Kite-flying is a professional sport in Thailand, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. What is the most popular name for a bitch dog in the UK ?, is it Bella, Poppy or Ruby ? (BELLA)

8. In Australia there is a deadly stinging plant that goes by the name ‘gympie-gympie’, true or false ?
9. Which of these actors did NOT appear in the 2010 film adaption of Alice in Wonderland ? was it…
(A-Stephen Fry, (B)-Ralph Fiennes, (C)-Matt Lucas or (D)-Johnny Depp ? (B-RALPH FIENNES)
10. The 1st ever televised interracial kiss was in Star Trek between Captain Kirk & Uhura, true or
false ? (FALSE) it’s a popular myth.
[it was between Nancy Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr, just a few months earlier]

Tie-Break:- to the nearest thousand, how many sets of twins are born in the UK every year ?

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