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February 2015
Hi Mike,
Just wanted to say thank you for letting me and Mark (monkey tennis) know about you leaving the Garsdale and not doing the quiz there anymore. Thank you for all the wonderful nights we have had at your Thursday pub quiz. We are really going to miss you ! Pub quizzes will never be the same! but of course we understand you have to do what is best for you, I think the Garsdale will really miss out.
Hope it all works out for you in the new pub.
And everyone is really looking forward to the hen do. Hope my friends don’t do your head in!

Lots of love, Sam …. and Mark.
September 2014.
David Dunn,
a DJ who helped shape the face of music in Manchester with his radio show’s on Piccadilly, Kiss 102, Atlantic 252 & Galaxy FM where he gave a peg up to a large number of DJ’s and club nights including Funkademia. has travelled the world playing for Hed Kandi and now produces under his Triple Dee disguise and presents the Nu Cool show on Galaxy FM. – See more at:

David wrote: “Thank you to Ian Williams and Andy Daniels for handing me the poisoned chalice of having to list my Top Five DJs.
It’s almost impossible for me to choose five DJs who have influenced me or decide who the five best are. So, I’m going to talk about five DJs who have played a real part in me being a DJ. My first isn’t a Big Name Famous DJ, though Dave Booth knows who he is! Mike Prince was the DJ at my local club in Swinton, the Wishing Well. The first club I ever went to, at the age of 15, to their under 16’s night. I used to stand by his DJ box and watch what he did and how he did it. Back in those days, DJ’s had to have the patter on the mike as well as playing the music and I was fascinated by how he did it all. I must have been a really annoying spod, standing there staring at him every week for 2 hours, but he was very patient and even explained how it all worked to me and how he watched the crowd constantly to know what to play next. He was the first DJ I ever watched up close and learned from. When I eventually started to DJ at school and college, I used all the lessons I’d learned from him.David Dunne 0215 My Second would have to be Stu Allan. When I got my first job at Piccadilly Radio in 1987, Stu was already on air and his show was a must listen. Alongside his beloved Hip Hop and Soul, he’d introduced house to the airwaves and was ahead of the curve on that genre. It was genuinely inspiring to find out that he was also a really nice man. He caught my enthusiasm for dance music of all kinds , and in 1988 suggested that I cover his Sunday show whilst he was on holiday, which was amazingly generous of him (I still have that show on quarter-inch tape!). The following year, he was both supportive and instrumental in me getting to present the weekly House music show “The Isometric Dance Class” on Key 103. There would be a ton of other people who all played a part in my DJ life, who I would mention; Dave Haslam, Dave Booth, Greg Wilson, Tim Lennox, Mark Tillotson, Mark Doyle, Gary Marto, Jamie Scahill, Ian Williams, Mark Hogg, Dave Payne, Andy Norman and Dimitri From Paris (Long story, that one!). All of you have helped, inspired and showed me kindness over the years. Thank you very much to all of you. David Dunn.

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