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Trivia Quiz Week 26 2013

1. What part of your body do midwives recommend you put in baby’s bath to test the temperature
of the water ? (ELBOW)
2. Which film starring Hugh Grant shares its name with a district in London ? (NOTTING HILL)

3. In the phrase ‘well jell’ from the Only Way Is Essex, what does ‘jell’ stand for ? (JEALOUS)

4. What four-letter word describes a horse kept for breeding ? (STUD)

5. Champaign Perry is made from which fermented fruit ? (PEARS)

6. What town did Superman grow up in ? (SMALLVILLE)

7. Until the 1960s when it retired from service, what type of transport was the Mallard ?
8. With his 28th studio album currently in the top 10 albums chart, which singer started his career in
a 60s blues band called Steampacket ? (ROD STEWART)
9. What is the main food ingredient of Dansak curry sauce ? (LENTILS)

10. The Currie Cup is contested for in which sport ? (RUGBY UNION)

11. Comedian Brendon O’Carroll is better known by which character ? (MRS (Agnes) BROWN)
[Mrs Brown’s Boys]
12. Famous for its oysters, Whitstable is a seaside town in which English county ? (KENT)

13. Who is the oldest of these three ?…Michael Buble, 50Cent (Curtis Jackson) or Geri Halliwell ?
(GERI HALLIWELL)-August 72, Buble-Sept 75, Fiddy-July 75.
14. Who preceded Des Lynam as host of Countdown ? (DES O’CONNOR)

15. Who was US president when Charles & Camilla got married ? (GEORGE W BUSH) 2001-2009.
[married in 2005]
16. The name of which Roman goddess shares its name with a brand that makes ready meals ?
17. If a normal game of football lasts 90 minutes, then how long is American football ? (60 MINS)

18. Baking, what name is given to flour that contains both bran and wheatgerm ? (WHOLEMEAL)

19. ‘And you’re laughing at me, I can take it all from you’. are lyrics from which 1974 UK No1 single ?
(DOWN DOWN) Status Quo.
20. The song ‘First Steps’ became the 2012 theme tune for the London Olympics by which band ?

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. How does a cashew nut grow ?, from a tree or underground ? (TREE)
[every cashew nut is shelled by hand, hence the price]
2. The Arab word for desert when translated literally means means ‘thirsty’, true or false ? (FALSE)
[it means Sahara]
3. In which decade did Hugh Grant first star in a feature film made for the cinema ?, was it the 70s,
80s or 90s ? (80s) White Mischief-1987.
4. How many sides has a rhombus ?, 4, 5 or 6 ? (4)

5. The nearest city to Marco Polo airport is Venice, true or false ? (TRUE)

6. In what language are both mottos on the Royal coat of arms of Great Briton ?, French, Latin or
English ? (LATIN) Dieu et mon droit……. meaning the divine right for the monarch to govern.
7. Chelsea footballer John Terry has a GCSE grade ‘A’ in sociology, true or false ? (FALSE)
[but Frank Lampard has one]
8. Because it attracts a certain type of insect, the garden shrub ‘buddleia’ is commonly known as
what ?, the butterfly bush, beetle bush or the hairy bush ? (BUTTERFLY BUSH)
9. Insects are the only creatures on earth that has six legs, true or false ? (TRUE)

10. Stephen Percy Harris is an English bass player, songwriter & founder of which British heavy
metal band ? Biffy Clyro, Def Leppard or Iron Maiden ? (IRON MAIDEN)

Tie-Break:- How high (in feet) in the highest mountain in Wales, Mount Snowdon ? (3560 ft)
(1085 m)

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