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Trivia Quiz Week 2 2014

Trivia Quiz Week 2 2014

1. In which TV series could you see a Reliant Robin with the words ‘Trotters Independent Trading’
on the side ? (ONLY FOOLS & HORSES)
2. If you were interested in ‘first day covers’, what would you be a collector of ? (STAMPS)

3. Which actor connects the TV series ‘Men Behaving Badly’ & ‘Doc Martin’ ? (MARTIN CLUNES)

4. Who succeeded George III ? (GEORGE IV) 4th.

5. What farm animals are herded by a hoggard ? (PIGS)

6. Which controversial politician recently announced his bankruptcy ? (NICK GRIFFIN)
7. The McQueen family feature in which TV soap ? (HOLLYOAKS)

8. What was the occupation of the Super Mario Brothers ? (PLUMBERS)
[Mario & Luigi]
9. What is the world’s longest animal living in the world today ? (BLUE WHALE)
[25.5 metres, 84ft long]
10. What primary colour are the Sea King helicopters used by the RAF ? (YELLOW)

11. What did the Roman gladiator who carried a net usually hold in his other hand ? (TRIDENT)

12. What is the main colour of the cap worn by the Australian cricket team ? (GREEN)

13. In the children’s story, who walked over a bridge where underneath lived a troll ?
14. In which US city did a small aircraft make an emergency landing on a highway last week ?
15. The first Legoland opened in which European country ? (DENMARK)

16. Which European country is the most densely populated country in the world ? (MONACO)

17. In which 21st century film did Clint Eastwood play a racist called Walt Kowalski ?
18. Which former Manchester United player has now taken over as manager of Cardiff City ?
19. What 9-letter word can describe a statement or question that is unclear or confusing because it
can be understood in more than one way ? (AMBIGUOUS)
20. ‘I felt the earth beneath my feet sat by the river and it made me complete’ is a line from
current chart hit ? (SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW) Lily Allen (and Keane)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Which one of the Everly Brothers died recently ?, Don or Phil ? (PHIL)

2. Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in Australia, true or false ? (FALSE) it’s the USA.

3. What type of creature is a ‘leghorn’ ?, is it an African antelope or an American chicken ?
4. AD/CD guitarist Angus Young was a extra as one of the crowd in the Colosseum in the Russell
Crowe film Gladiator, true or false ? (FALSE)
5. In June 2012, former IRA leader Martin McGuinness made history by shaking who’s hand ?,
was it Barak Obama, Nelson Mandela or the Queen ? (THE QUEEN)
6. ‘Nigella’ is another name used for onion seeds, true or false ? (TRUE)

7. Which was the only song released as a single by Queen never to have entered the UK charts ?,
was it the first one or the last one ? (THE FIRST ONE) Keep Yourself Alive. 1973.
8. The Arabic word for dried prunes when translated is ‘bollocks’, true or false ? (FALSE)

9. In 1993, Kim Campbell became the first female Prime Minister of which Commonwealth country ?,
Australia, Canada or Jamaica ? (CANADA)
10. Former World Heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has 4 children, all with the initials LL, true
or false ? (TRUE)
[Landon, Ling, Leya, Leviah]

Tie-Break:- How many times is the ‘F’ word used in the new Martin Scorsese film ‘The Wolf Of
Wall Street’ ? (506 TIMES)

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