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Trivia Quiz Week 20 2015

1. Which river runs through the North-East city of Newcastle upon Tyne ? (RIVER TYNE)

2. How many sides of equal length has an Isosceles triangle ? (2)

3. Which Top Gear presenter hosts Blast Lab & Total Wipeout ? (RICHARD HAMMOND)

4. Which Blackpool Pleasure Beach ride shares its name with a large annual sporting event ?
5. What is believed to be the most common type of plant in the world ? (GRASS)

6. Which TV panel show captain and magazine editor is reputedly the most sued man in English legal
history ? (IAN HISLOP) editor of Private Eye.
7. How many novels make up the Harry Potter series ? (7)

8. Launched in 1999, what is the spin-off from Casualty ? (HOLBY CITY)

9. Which modern-day country was once known as Persia ? (IRAN)

10. How many cents in a dime ? (10)
[a dime is a 10 cent coin]
11. Biennial means every 2 years, how many years is ‘novennial’ ? (9)
[from late Latin novennis ‘nine years old’]
12. Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Hor-hey Mario Bergoleo) is better known by what title ? (THE POPE)
13. What US landmark would you find on Mount Lee ? (HOLLYWOOD SIGN)

14. In Greek mythology who fell from the sky due to the wax that bound the feathers on his false
wings had melted because he flew too close to the Sun ? (ICARUS)
15. Which famous theme park has been situated on the island of Isla Nubla since 1993 ?
16. In children’s TV, how are Tommy, Chucky & Angelica collectively known ? (RUGRATS)

17. The story of which King is the inspiration for the film ‘The King’s Speech’ ? (GEORGE VI) 6th.

18. Formula 1 Red Bull boss Christian Horner recently married which Spice Girl ?
19. On UK roads what colour are the rectangle signs that are used for directions on primary routes ?
20. On a standard dartboard, what is the lowest number that cannot be scored with a single dart ?
[treble 7 = 21. double 11 = 22]

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 2 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Who’s famous quote was ‘you’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.’, was it
Dean Martin, Keith Moon or Paul Gascoigne ? (DEAN MARTIN)
2. The upcoming film ‘Rogue One’ is a spin-off from what series of sci-fi films ?, Star Trek or Star
Wars ? (STAR WARS)
3. Which of your 5 fingernails grows fastest ?, is it A-thumb, B-index, C-middle, D-ring or E-little ?
4. Green party leader Natalie Bennett was born in which country ?, was it Australia, Canada or
5. The Shard in London is taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, true or false ? (TRUE) by 7 m.
[Shard-308 m. Eiffel Tower-301 m]
6. Which comedy actor wrote the children’s book ‘Flanimals’ ?, was it David Walliams or Ricky
7. Which comedy actor was once in an 80s new romantic band called Seona Dancing ?, was it David
Walliams or Ricky Gervais ? (RICKY GERVAIS)
8. When Ben E King finished writing the classic song ‘Stand By Me’, he had only one group in mind to
record it but they refused, was it The Beatles, Drifters, or 4 Seasons ? (DRIFTERS)
9. Which football ground is situated nearest to the river Mersey ? is it Everton or Stockport
County ? (STOCKPORT)
10. Pigs are the only animal other than humans that can get sunburned, true or false ? (FALSE)
[Hippo’s, cats, dogs, horses even fish can get sunburned too]

Tie-Break:- Canadian Thomas Ahearn invented the first electric car (tram) heater in what year ? (1890)

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