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Trivia Quiz Week 36 2015

Trivia Quiz Week 36 2015

1. Since it started in 2005, which video-sharing website has its headquarters in California ?
2. Which Liverpudlian poet connects Red Dwarf, Robot Wars & Coronation Street ?
3. What Aussie soap is set in Summer Bay ? (HOME & AWAY)

4. What was the 1st name of Joanna Lumley’s character in Absolutely Fabulous ? (PATSY)

5. Which film production company has a roaring lion as its opening logo ? (MGM)
[Metro Goldwin Mayer] Leo the lion.
6. Which prolific goalscorer moved from Newcastle Utd to Manchester Utd in January 1995 ?
7. In which country is Mateus wine produced ? (PORTUGAL)

8. Which continent gave Toto a chart hit in 1982 ? (AFRICA)

9. What talk show was replaced by the Jeremy Kyle Show 10 yrs ago ? (JERRY SPRINGER)
[Trisha Goddard had already left before Jerry Springer started his show]
10. What is 50ft high, 200ft wide & has stood on Mount Lee since it was built in 1923 ?
11. What type of nut is in the middle of the chocolates called Ferrero Rocher ? (HAZELNUT)

12. Containing 2 words & 9 letters, what is also known as the ‘deathstick’ or the ‘wand of destiny’ in
Harry Potter books ? (ELDER WAND)
13. What was the 1st name of the Indian political leader, Gandhi ? (not goosy-goosy) (MAHATMA) [Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi]
14. What 8-letter word is the scientific name for a substance that bonds surfaces to each other
either mechanically or by chemical reaction ? (ADHESIVE)
15. In Roman numerals, what number is CCXVIII ? (218)

16. How old was Britney Spears when she had her first UK No1 single ? (17) born Dec 1981.
[Baby One More Time – Sept 98]
17. The Portuguese word for ‘bloodletting’ is the name of which alcoholic drink ? (SANGRIA)

18. Which animated character always wears blue jeans, black t-shirt, sunglasses, has blonde hair &
is often seen holding a comb ? (JOHNNY BRAVO)
19. What language is common to Hinduism, Buddhism & Jainism ? (SANSKRIT)

20. Covering an area of 88,000 sq miles, what is Europe’s largest island ? (GREAT BRITAIN)

Killer Round
(each correct answer is worth 5 points however if you get any wrong, all points below are wiped out!)
you must answer at least 3 questions.
1. Which newspaper was the 1st to feature a daily full-page topless model ?, was it (A)-Sun, (B)-Star,
(C)-Sport or (D)-Mirror ? (A-SUN) 1970.
2. What is the capital city of Switzerland ?, is it Bern or Zurich ? (BERN)

3. Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world, true or false ? (TRUE) 2 million sq km
[Mongolia is 2nd, 1.565,000 sq km]
4. What is the collective noun for a group of butterflies ?, is it (A)-confetti, (B)-kaleidoscope,
(C)-rainbow or (D)-flutter ? (B-KALEIDOSCOPE)
5. Oxygen is the 1st element of the periodic table, true or false ? (FALSE)
[hydrogen is the 1st]
6. In which decade were yellow tennis balls used for the 1st time at Wimbledon ?, 80s, 90s or 00s ?
(1980s) 1986.
7. England footballer Glen Johnson will have to appeal after being told he can’t build his dream home
in Surrey as it could disturb the local what ?, is it newts, bats or travellers ? (BATS)
8. The original Star Trek was set in which century ?, was it 23rd, 25th or 27th ? (23rd)

9. The name of the 1801 was in which Spain & France invaded Portugal was called the War of the
Oranges, true or false ? (TRUE)
10. Which group recently said that “working with the “dream team” of Mark Ronson & Nile Rodgers,
they see a bit of themselves in Kanye West”, ? is it the Jacksons, Iron Maiden or Duran Duran ?

Tie-Break:- In metres, how deep is Loch Ness at its deepest point ? (230 Metres)

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